About nothing

life is beautiful and so should be …

I watched a movie Island ...

surely many of you already know it ..

I’ve watched it twice. I have always like mysteries, sf movies, horror …films…but this…
Today I think …

we grow with so many dreams and we are educated as we are the best …. and we believe that life is wonderful and yet there is a dark side of it …..
someone dear to me told me that such films are made with a purpose according to which, our brains are prepared for what could be .. simple fact that a director has created such a scenario is still … terrible ..

I’m actually terrified  that human species can do … 1. create clones to take their organes without any moral impact .. 2 … 3 …. 4 …..

To survive mans are  capable of anything .. even to kill ..

one of my teachers in high school used to ask me „Ionela what  you want to be? carnivore or herbivore?!!

why I write in English … I don’t know … but I know this movie saddened me greatly … probably achieves its goal …:(

Below are a few similar films…..




3 gânduri despre „About nothing

  1. Oamenii sunt în stare de multe lucruri… inclusiv să trimită o echipă de oameni să se lupte cu alții și să se omoare între ei doar din încercarea de a salva un altul… te face să te miri că în dicționar mai există încă cuvântul discernământ.

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